Hello Friends and Guests.

The entire TRIM Team would like to thank you for the last 21 years of happiness you have each given us. We are incredibly grateful to you for your patronage and support, especially in this past year of so many uncertainties. Your company, your smiles, and your hair are what gives this team so much life inside and outside the doors of TRIM. 

Unfortunately, due to many complications involving a new buildout and desire to move (which began in December of 2019), our 2020 and 2021 have been particularly difficult, and we will have to close down permanently at the end of March. We are heartbroken for this loss, as we know this will change where you not only get your hair done, but our ability as a group to see your lovely faces every day.

There are some silver linings in all of this. 

  1. Your stylists will each have your information so they can smoothly transition you to your next destination. I will be personally working with each stylist on their next steps in order to get them settled where they need to go, and to assist them with guest care during this time. Our team is committed to making this transition as seamless as possible.
  2. We have the luxury of giving you all notice so that those of you who have gift cards or credits with us can use those in these next few weeks. If we are unable to fit an appointment in, these gift cards can also be used for your favorite hair care products.
  3. We will be holding a sale on hair products at 30% off until the close. So now is the time to stock up on your favorite products! We will be doing first-come first-serve for these hair products, so if you would like to check on inventory levels on these products, please don’t hesitate to call us at 615-269-8029. 
  4. Your stylist may be adding hours or days to take care of as many of you as possible. Not all stylists will be adding hours, but feel free to call at the end of this week to find out if you are currently not scheduled for the next few weeks. This extra time will be added in the next couple days so we can see as many of you as possible while we are still open.

I would like to personally encourage each of you to support our wonderful stylists during this transition period, and reassure you that we want to take the best care of you we can during this transition. 

There is nothing we need from you at this time. If you have an appointment booked after the date of March 27, we will be reaching out to you on next steps, whether that is a reschedule or location change. Please be patient as we reach out as our stylists work on where they land next. Our goal in this process is to make sure you have an easy transition.

I personally (along with the entire TRIM Team) want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words, your support, and your encouragement during these last several years. I will personally miss seeing each of your faces in our chairs, but I am given so much hope that my team members will each land on their feet, and that you should experience very minimal inconvenience in this process. 

Please reach out to us with any of your hair product and service needs this month, and we look forward to seeing many of you before this transition!

Liz Grotticelli and the TRIM Team

2315 12th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37219
PH: 615-269-8029