The Classic Barber - The Nashville Barbershop

The Classic Barber


TRIM promises a perfect haircut, plus so much more! Have a seat and you will get a consultation with one of our great barbers, an invigorating scalp and shoulder massage, a hot towel treatment for your face, and a free shoeshine so you’re looking good head-to-toe.

Beard Trim

Nashville Beard Trim

Growing the right beard involves a lot more than neglecting to shave! Today, our beards reflect our personalities—each unique, each creative, each a statement! At TRIM we are committed to making your beard reflect you! We will work with you to ensure your beard reflects the lifestyle you live and the fashion statement you’re striving to achieve.

Straight Shave

Nashville Straight Shave

The old-world, masculine charm of the straight razor shave is undeniable—and today, it’s never been more fashionable. A straight razor results in an extremely close shave that helps your face stay smoother longer. But straight razor shaving still remains an art, especially here. At TRIM, our expert barbers make the straight shave an event—hot towel, best-in-class shave, our special after shave tonic—all designed to make you feel revived and manly. *currently unavailable at this time

Young Man's Haircut Ages 0-9 only$25
Neck & Sideburn TRIM15 minute, dry cut, complimentary with haircuts once per 6 weeks$15
Beard or Mustache Trim$18
Eyebrow ShapingWax-free, brow shaping with our brow expert$28
Brow or Sideburn Color$18
Beard or Mustache Color$35
HighlightsNatural-looking highlights. Call for a free consultation!$125 and up
Keratin Smoothing TreatmentSoften curls and reduce the frizz for 6-12 weeks. Call for a free consultation$75 and up